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Friday, August 21, 2015

Relocation update

hi everyone
I am sorry for being so quiet, but as you know, our family was relocating back to KZN.
As of last night, 9:30 pm, I was officially back in my home town, safe and sound.
My mom and dad arrived this morning, along with the moving truck. I am yet to go to my house as I am staying with my aunt at the moment, but we are going to Willow Lane later today. nI am very excited.
It is strange to be back,I can't quite tell if I am excited or not, I just don't think that the reality of it all has hit me yet. I feel like I have a little gift wrapped inside of me, that is just bursting at the seams. I think that is my excitement.
As for my heatlh, I woke up with no coughing Fit or any headache, of which I have had continually for the past months in Pretoria.
This move came just in time , all I need now if for October to arrive so that I can be reunited with my Fiance :-D
My aunt and I were having the same conversation last night, that my mom and I had recently had.
How did our parents, and the generations passed cope? how did they go for months not being able to see,or hear from their loved ones.
Generations these days have no idea at all how spoilt that they are. We can just pick up a phone, and call, or we can Skype, whatsapp, Bbm, the possibilities are endless, and yet, even with all of those options available, their is nothing like being in the face to face company, of the people we love ..

so that is my news for today..
I will do another update a bit later on about the move in detail.
STay Fabulous!!

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