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Tuesday, October 14, 2014

What I Have been up to

Last week Thursday I was allowed to go home, on IVS of course.

I am now on day 19 of my 21 day course, and I must say I cannot wait for it to end. This has been one of my longest admissions in a while, and I have worked so hard to keep myself healthy. Physio 3 times a day, nebbing 3 times a day with 4 different type of medications. And then not to mention the eating, I am eating my mom out of house and home. Ha-ha.

I can’t wait for the steroids to be stopped so I can see how much weight I have actually picked up. My goal weight for transplant is still 63kgs…. At the moment, (on steroids) I am 6kgs away from my goal weight. *Jippie* I now have to start turning all of that into muscle. This means it’s time to start the dreaded exercising process. Wish me luck.
So for the last week, I have had to keep myself busy, but not too busy, I still have to rest and take it easy.

Firstly, I was having riding with drawls *Gasp* , so on Sunday, I decided to hop onto Switch, she was the closest to the house, and she needs to be ridden. She has never actually been ridden properly, and I don’t know what her former life was like. She was a rescue horse, and was apparently abused. She and I have been forming a bond over the past year and a half, and Finally, I was able to get her to move. She needed some enticement, but I did it, I got on her, and waiting patiently for about 20 minutes, just sitting on her back, We moved. 1 step, then 2 steps, then we walked all the way to the front gate. She is a little sadistic though, she didn’t like me telling her which way to go, so she fought me on it, and tried really hard to go under low tree branches to knock me off. Haha.  I am so proud of her.

I live in the flat on the property, and it doesn’t really have any garden or flowers around it, so today, I decided to try my Green Thumb. Mom and I moved a couple of old tyres to the porch, and make it all pretty J I am going to grow herbs and flowers. I have already Planted Mint and Rosemary. And Tomorrow, I am going to plant some Pansy seeds. I can’t wait for everything to start germinating and growing. The place could use a bit of colour. Lol

So that is what I have been up to lately. Being active within my limits… there is no point in sitting around feeling sorry for myself. I have a life to live, and I am going to do it as Fabulously as I can.

<3 <3

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