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Monday, September 28, 2015

My 25th

As you may all know, I have recently turned 25 years old, a quarter of a century.

Now, I would like to think that is a milestone, especially having CF, and being told that at birth your prognosis was 21 years.

I have the most amazing family ad friends anyone could ever ask for. Let me tell you why.

I went up to Pretoria on the 16th Of this Month for Clinic.

Clinic went well, my lung function is still sitting at 27, my weight is at 55.7kgs. Dr Baird is happy where I am, but next month, we think that admission will be in order.

Both my mom and my dad came with and they stayed with my cousin Bernadette and Her fiance Brett, whilst I stayed with Kyle and his family.

From the get go, kyle said to me that he and I will be having a date night on the Thursday. Ofcourse I was excited, because we haven't had a date night in quite a while. On thursday morning my mom asked me to go to my aunts house in the evening to and fetch something that she forgot, I did't think much of it, other than the fact that it was cutting into my precious date with my fiance.

Kyle and I were on the way to my aunts house, it was close to 6pm, and kyle asked me to message my mom that we are running late, and to please tell my aunt. Very wierd right? Something is fishy.. but I didn't think further than that.

We arrived be greeted by my aunt and uncle. They offered kyle and I something to drink, and gladly were going to stay.

My aunt and I were talking and she said that I must follow her, she has "the thing" for my mom outside, so like a sheep, I followed, only to see......

they had planned me a surprise Birthday Party !!

Wow, was I surprised.. I did not have a clue. It turned out to be such a lovely party, I had most of my Gauteng family there, kyles mom and siblings arrived later on, and so did my best friend and her boyfriend.. the best surprise! :-)

I felt whole again. Lol

I hope that everyone who was there had a nice time. We had a braai, played Pool, and darts, had good music going and just enjoyed each others company. Mom made the most gorgeous cake and Cucakes. SO delicious... mmm yum!

so, even with my 27% Lung function, I was able to party the night away

<3 <3 <3

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