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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Saying Good Bye's Isn't Easy

A week ago, yes can you believe was last Wednesday that I had my first appointment at Charlotte Maxexe (or something like that) Hospital.  I was pretty nervous as I always am in new situations, but at least I had the support of my parents who went with me.

We borrowed a wheelchair from our neighbour for me to use as it is becoming increasingly difficult for me to move around now.  This simple piece of machinery proved to be a challenging item for my dad to wield.  Firstly he couldn't get it into the boot of the car, turning it upside down, inside out and back to front before he managed to find a spot for it. Hehe.  Once we were at the hospital and he had managed to take it out of the boot, he had to open it up for me to sit in it...that took a while, much head scratching, huffing and puffing - but eventually it was ready for me to take my seat on my new throne.

Our visit was exciting and informative and I am oh so keen to start on this new chapter of my life.  Sadly this did mean that I would be saying 'goodbye' to my family of 7 years at Steve Biko Hospital.

This happened the very next day when I had my final clinic visit at Steve Biko and I really felt very sad to be saying 'goodbye '-  BUT hopefully not forever as I have forged friendships with people there that have created bonds in my heart and soul.  Without the team that makes up the whole, my days at Steve Biko would never have been as happy as they most definitely have been and I thank them from the bottom of my heart for always making me feel at home and well cared for.

This is another chapter in my life that is over, written in my memory bank, waiting for the next one to evolve.  This one will surely be the most eventful one in my that will see me grow into a new person, hopefully, and one that will carry me through to more in my life.

By the way, back to the dad has passed 'Wheelchair 101' and is progressing to 'Wheelchair 102'...the one where he does actually open it and doesn't make me sit in the tiny gap he manages to squeeze open and wiggle myself in to pop the chair open.  GO DAD!!!

SO this is me, for tonight, Fabulous and Fighting <3 <3

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