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Sunday, August 18, 2013

To be a Doctor

Hey all

Clinton and I were sitting in the office having a cup of coffee, just like we do every day, and the next thing I know Temba (one of the make nurses) fell of his chair. We all had a good laugh. One minute he was there, the next he was gone . haha Shame, luckily he didn't hurt himself. We are still having a chuckle about it now.

Anyways, whilst sitting in the big bosses (Sr Furlongers) chair behind the desk , I noticed this white coat behind the door. I then thought "Hey, there are tons of stethoscopes around here, let me dress up like a Doctor "

So, I did. I threw on that white coat, and hung the stethoscope around my neck. Man, oh man did I feel important haha.  I strutted around pretending to be Doctor During, listening to peoples chests. Sister Serakalala then brought out a REALLY big needle and Syringe and said that I must go poke one of the nurses. Temba landed up being my guinea pig.

There was another Doctor around, he had to  put a drip in someones arm, so he said "Maybe I should get you to put up the drip".. And ofcourse I said yes! But sadly I didn't do it. 

It was still a fun experience though and I have the greatest respect for Doctors. 

So that was a shenanigan for the day. Got to stay out of trouble. hehe

Fabulous and Fighting with a doctors coat :-D

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