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Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Catch Up- For those who aren't on the mailing List

Hi Everyone,

Can you believe the first month of this year is already over?  Well 2014 is now well under way, holidays are over, schools back and most of you have returned to work.  I trust this year will be a great one for us all as we look forward to abundance in our lives.
Well for those who don’t follow me on Facebook or always have an opportunity to read my blog I thought I would give an overview of this last month or so since I arrived home from hospital.  As you know I was thrilled that my stay in hospital had such a positive affect on my overall well-being and I was all set to ring in the New Year with bells and whistles.  So much for my positive outlook, as it wasn’t even the end of the first week in January and I was already curled up in bed sleeping the days away.  I couldn’t believe that whatever bug it was that I picked up, hit me so hard.  It took me a full 2 weeks to get over that and even now I find that I have to take each day slowly otherwise I just run out of steam.  I feel like an old person, sleeping late and having a nap in the afternoons, but that is how I am getting through the day at the moment.  I went to clinic last week Wednesday for a follow up appointment which didn’t go down too well at all.  My lung function has fallen, again, and quite drastically for just one month with my FEV1 reading being 30%. (FEV1 is the maximum amount of air you can forcefully exhale in one second.)  That means it has decreased by 5% since Christmas!!!!!  Looking on the bright side though, it is much better than 17%, which is what it was in 2011/12.  The next issue was my weight although not as bad as my lung function…I lost 900g which means that I am now 54.6kg.  So I have my work cut out for me, I have to concentrate on exercising and expanding my lungs so that I can increase my lung function and I have to eat more…so much more!!!!

We are looking for new ideas for fundraising this year, so if anyone has any suggestions please will you pass them on to me…and speaking of fundraising I have two links here that I would like you to consider helping with if you can.  Obviously Ashley’s swim for CF is close to my heart as any awareness and fundraising for CF is wonderful, and Chad’s swim for CHOC, also a worthy cause.  I have known Chad since he and I were at Sunday school together.  He is a third year medical student at Tukkies, working like a Trojan to be a brilliant doctor one day.  So please consider a donation of some sort to help them both.

I also have another request: 

This is Ndumiso. 

He is a fellow CF friend, 27 years old and lives in Zimbabwe.  Diagnosed at 3 years old, he received no treatment or medication in his home country.  Last year his parents made contact with Charlotte Maxeke hospital and he now attends the same clinic I do, receiving medicines and treatment.  For him to travel all the way down costs a lot of money, as does his prescription and visit to the doctor. To earn enough to pay for all this, he fixes and re-sells second hand cell phones.  Last week when we saw him we gave him a box filled with old cell phones we had collected for him.  Many people upgrade and/or buy new phones regularly and I would like to ask that you consider giving them away for Ndumiso.  If you live far from me, please let me know and if I can’t arrange a lift for them I will pay the postage.  I would really like to help him as much as possible as he really needs the treatment he is receiving now and if he doesn’t have the finances, then he is not able to keep his appointments or collect his medicines.

Well I think this is all for now.  Hopefully February will be a good month for us all…it is the month of love so spoil the people that are close to your heart and let them know how much they mean to you.
God bless
<3 <3 NiQi <3 <3

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