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Friday, March 14, 2014

Good News

Well I have just sent out my update in a newsletter and for those who don't know yet, I am in hospital at the moment.
I have started on my IV anti biotics now after going through the de-sensitizing process again.
I had a lung function test on Monday, my first day after being admitted on Sunday evening. I was so surprized after feeling so tired all the time to hear that my FEV1 is sitting at 32%, which is a slight increase on last month. I must have had a good rest the night before and had a good burst into the machine to produce such a good reading.

( My x-ray )

More good news is that yesterday I had a sonar to check my liver and the results came back with a reading of 3 on the Westaby scale. My liver has after about 5 years of being on medication, healed. It is smooth and re-generated with no more cirrhosis. Good news indeed and I no longer need to take the medication I have been taking.
Together in the ward with me this time are Juan and Louis - old friends, as well as two younger CF's, Andriesa and Michael, as well as Ndumiso who joined us yesterday.

It is good to see new faces and make friends with other CF's.

Hopefully the rest of my two weeks here will go as smoothly as these first few days. I will keep you posted.

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  1. So happy to hear the good results! You are such a special person who remains so positive in the face of adversity! A role-model to all of us!! Will continue to pray and thank God for you healing! Lots of love precious Nix! May God bless you in a very special way that you live in the favor and abundance He has for u. :) x


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