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Thursday, March 27, 2014


At last I am home again with all that is familiar around me.

To finally make that bend in the road and turn up our driveway gives me an exciting feeling of expectancy.

We arrived home late yesterday afternoon and to first have Barney, my dog jumping up and down with excitement and then walk up to see Zorro and August waiting for their afternoon snack, made me realise just how much I miss being home.
When in hospital it is nice to have friends with me who can relate to me and all I go through on a daily basis, as well as having totally awesome staff who go above and beyond their duties for us...just because they can and care, but I do miss home.

I am disappointed that this stay didn't produce the 'oomph' that I was hoping for but at least I'm not worse than when I went in.

My PEG was looked at and it was decided to leave it as is and not fit a new one. The doctor said to me that for it having been in for almost 2 years it is in really good condition still so there was no need to replace it.  She gave me some good tips on keeping it in good working order so I am grateful for all her advise.

My sugar readings were absolutely fine with the feeds the hospital dietitians gave me so their was no reason to start me on insulin. To be honest I am glad as I don't really want CFRD to develop at this stage of my life.  I will continue to do random testing though as I know it is important at my age to keep an eye on things.
The dreaded lung function test on release is 33%...still good compared to what it was.  Sadly I only picked up 400g, which means my weight is now 54.8kg...also better than before but not moving up quickly enough.

Today I cleaned up in my flat, a job that does not hold any enthusiasm for me but it had to be done. Even with it being closed up and no one using it, the dust bkew in under the doors and made everything dirty.
So with suitcases unpacked and clothes away, for once, I am ready for tomorrow and looking forward to our holiday next month.

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