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Thursday, April 23, 2015

Fabulous and Fighting needs your help

The Fabulous and Fighting CF Trust Fund started off with a BANG in 2012...

Things were going very well, the fund grew, and grew some more. People were very generous opening their hearts (and Wallets- Hehe).. and I cannot say thank you enough to everybody who has donated since the funds inception.

A massive thank you must also go to everybody who has had fund raisers for me, no matter how big or small, they have helped more than you know.

When I first started paying my medical aid it was about R2000 a month, however when my Year exclusion period ended, I had to upgrade to the Highest Plan which is the Executive Plan, which costs close to R 5 000 a month, just for me :-O

So if you do the Math, since July 2014 we have paid R 45 470  just on Medical Aid alone!

Thats isn't including all the things that the medical aid refuses to pay for!

For example, every month we are having to pay about R512 to Dischem, because Discovery won't pay for some of my medications.

Not to  mention the endless fights that we have with them about paying for my CREON, it is one of the most important medications that I have, and they always have an issue, one month it's covered, the next it is not. According to my Discovery Online Profile all 900 of my monthly creon has been approved until the year 9999.

Every Admission at Milpark, there is always something that the medical aid will dispute, whether it be a medication or procedure. The latest thing now, is that they are charging us standard rates for the stay in the isolation rooms, whereas they are not supposed to. So every month, that is also about R4000...

So needless to say, my fund is running dry, I won't say we are bankrupt, but at the rate we are going with all these bills that keep rolling in, the inevitability is close.

From the F&F Trust Accountant 
(Expenses in less than 1 year)

                                          ( I think I will be stopping this, added expense)

(Another bill to pay)

(yet, another)

The bills are going to pile up even more once we have relocated back to Hilton, I will still need to come up to Gauteng every month. So that is going to be -

Travel expenses: Fuel
                          : Toll Gates
                          : Food
                          : Accomodation

Just to think off the top of my head...

This is just the beginning. All these costs are pre-transplant. I hate to think what our bills are going to look like Post - Transplant.

It is actually a scary thought. I don't know how people without Funds are able to pay these bills out of their own pockets.

Speaking of own pockets, I have to applaud and admire my Parents, they themselves have paid A LOT of my bills out of their own Pockets. And I cannot be more grateful, but I think it's time they stopped. As much as they will do it because they will go to the ends of the Earth for me, they don't deserve to be in any financial strains, this is why we started the fund, so that they don't have to pay from their personal wallets.

My family has done so much for me, and they deserve the biggest thank you of all, it's not only the financial aspect, it's the love and support that they give to me each and every day!

So I am pleading with you to open your hearts again,and help Spread the word that my fund needs money.

And if you want to fund raise, please do not hesitate to let me or my mom know. We will be eternally grateful.

Watch out KZN, as soon as we are back in the land of milk and Honey, we will be fundraising like you have never seen before.

Stay Fabulous <3 <3

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