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Monday, May 21, 2012

CF Awareness Month

Day 5:
Hello everybody.

Well today has been an excellent day if I say so myself. I have had such an amazing response to my Fb campaigning, I am just overwhelmed with joy.

Now if you haven't seen, or heard, May is Cystic Fibrosis awareness month.

On the 23rd of May 2012, it is CF awareness day! Now this day is called "CF GENES DAY". What happens is you get to wear your favourite pair of "Genes" to work, or at home, or wherever you go out, Compliments of the CF sufferes, Have this day on us :-).. What would however be better is if you could wear any Purple item, whether it be a scarf, a hat, a shirt, your socks, or even a little purple ribbon.  The colour of cystic fibrosis is PURPLE.. That is why it is my favourite colour. I wear it as often as possible. People who see me often come up to me and say "Nix, why do you wear sooooooooooo much purple? Don't you have other colour clothes?" Haha well Yes friends I do indeed have other colour clothes, but I am supporting this disease, everyday. I am proud to wear purple and to show the world I support it.

For those who know me, when I Have an idea in my head, I will follow through with it. So I got this idea in my head today that made me think, A little something like this " YOU KNOW WHAT, this year I AM going to do something more to help create awareness about cf. You know what I am going to do?? I sit at work day in and day out, just look at how many people there are around me. People are resources, why not use them?" So I printed out a whole lot of flyers and posters about the CF day, and I firstly handed a flyer to every single person in the office, I even went and stuck up a poster in the ladies bathroom,( I would have put one in the mens bathroom too, but I was a little bit afraid of  stepping into that territory) hehe. As I was leaving work, I looked around and I thought "HEy look at all these cars, why not put flyers on their windscreens?" So I put flyers on a few of the windscreens. Tomorrow I plan on printing more and going and putting them on every single car in the staff and the visitors parking lot.

My sneaky idea is to somehow post my link to the jacaranda website, you know the Pretoria radio station? They have this thing called "good morning angels" where if they think it is a good cause, they might just read your story to the city and help you out in anyway they can. You never know, they could donate money to research for a cure. That would be amazing.

To those of you, who are as fired up and as eager as I am about making people aware of CF, why not take this photo that I put up, Print a few copies, Do what I did, see a chance, and take it. One piece of paper could change a Nation. One piece of Paper could change the world :-)

Come on everybody, lets turn Facebook Purple for the rest of the month ...

So for now, this is NiQi, being Fabulous and Fighting. :-D


  1. A brilliant idea my lief! Im also a CF supporter, so Ill be wearing my jeans on Wednesday... though the purple might be a problem :P

  2. Ey Niqi, besit nou wel nie denim nie,,, maar sal verseker iets pers in die hande kry :)

  3. Hey my girl I learnt something today...I know that purple is your favourite colour but I didn't know it is instigated by your support of CF.

  4. Just a thought...why not ask everyone who wears purple and or jeans on the 23rd - to send you a photo of themselves -in support of CF Day?? Somehow link them to your blog/Facebook page?

    Thanks for inviting us into a part of your life.

  5. not a bad idea at all! Thank you seanagh. I will work on that tomorrow :-) keep well xx


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