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Thursday, January 2, 2014

A new year

2014 is now into it's second day and I am positive that this is going to be a good year.  I came home from hospital just before Christmas feeling fitter and fatter than I have in a long while.  My weight is up and my lung function has improved so at last I feel that I can hope and dream for better and more.

Kyle gave me such a thoughtful Christmas present.  It is a Samsung Plasma Ionizer, called a Virus Doctor.  It is supposed to eradicate allergens, eliminate influenza viruses and inactivate bacteria and mould.  I don't know how I will know if it is working, but I put it on every night so it runs in my room whilst I am sleeping.  Hopefully I will be able to stay healthier for longer by using it.  My bedroom is obviously the place I spend the most hours in any day, and I can't really do anything about things in the air when I am outside, or visiting or shopping, so it just makes sense to have it working there.

I am looking forward to June this year when my medical aid will finally be accessible for me to use, so roll on to then.  In the meantime I have to sort out my teeth which have been giving me a lot of problems lately.  I don't know if it is the medicines I have had in the past, or my genetic make up or what but my teeth are breaking and I have had no end of pain in the last year with them.  My doctor said I must get them sorted before I am listed otherwise they could cause problems with my recovery after the transplant.  So that's on my immediate list and as for the rest, well I will just have to keep on being fabulous while fighting CF.

Cheers for now and may you all have a fabulous 2014 too.

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