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Friday, January 23, 2015


The Science of Movement and the application of exercise in rehabilitative treatment of performance.

As you may already know, or have read before. Part of the process towards having a lung transplant is building up muscle mass. You lose muscle mass a lot slower than you do Body Fat. 
Putting on weight is hard enough, but now, as sick as you are/feel, you then have to still exercise. It is tough. Some days you just really don't want to, especially when you are getting sicker (Than you already are) . I don't know about other CF's, but I kind of reach a plateu, I get used to my body functioning at the low capacity that it does. But I get accustomed to it, and can then do things comfortably within those means. However, you then start throwing things into the mix, and your body has no idea what to do, or how to handle these situations. But just as with everything else, you adjust.

On Wednesday this week, I had a Biokineticist see me. This is something new that the doctors are trying with the transplant patients. Getting someone in, to help us, show us and motivate us to build that much needed muscle. Especially in the upper torso. In the long run, it makes your transplant recovery more manageable.

The first success story was with Dave Richardson. Dave was 100% worse than I am, he was sicker and skinnier. He was skeletal. Dave then started with the bio kinetics, and from what I have been told, he was a completely different person. The Doctors and surgeons couldn't believe how much muscle he had when they did his transplant.  

So this is Byron, my Biokineticist. It may help you to know how the CF factors into this story. His father is DR Paul Williams. The Milpark Transplant Doctor. 
Byron came to see me again, and I was speaking to him today, asking why he got into this whole thing. And he just grew a passion for it. He generally works with spinal injuries, but he then did research on biokinetics in CF's and hasn't looked back since. 

I have only had 2 sessions with Byron, but in those 2 sessions, I think it is the stiffest I have ever been. These exercises really work every muscle in your body. It is tough, I won't lie. I think to myself, is it worth it? Should I carry on? But, I have to do it! For the good of my own future. If I want the best Possible lungs, and Best Possible outcome, i have to work hard, and do my utmost. Don't you think that I at least owe that to myself, my family and to the Donor?

On Wednesday, we worked on legs, lunges mainly. And today I received on of those exercise bands, and we did some really intense upper body exercises. Tomorrow, I may just be placing my head in my food to eat that way, because I will in all probability not be able to lift my arms. Haha

Those little bands look like nothing, but trust me, they're something alright!

It is going to be a long, tough road ahead. Having to have the discipline to do this at home (according to workout from Byron) will be a big test for me. I am sure that I can do. I just have to.

So to all those people that exercise regularly, BIG UPS to you :-D

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