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Tuesday, January 20, 2015

oh "Mic-key" you're so fine

A couple of months ago, you may remember me telling you about how my Mic-key had burst, and mom and I had to put in another one temporarily. 

I have been waiting for my hospital admission so that the Reps from Perry hill may come and see me. It's easier when I am in JHB, so they don't have to trek out onto the farm.

A rep named Dion came and saw me yesterday. We chatted about the mic-key and what size I need etc. He then showed me how to take out the mic-key and clean it, check for any damage and put it back. We also spoke about the granulation and how to try and stop the redness around the site. Very informative I must say. Thank you Dion!

It felt very weird to not have the mic-key in, to have an open stomach. But once it was placed back in, I was happy and content.

so here is to many more days, hours weeks and maybe years of Peg feeding :-D

(Oh, P.s. I learnt today that there is a difference between the "Mic-key"and a "PEG" - Dion made it quite clear that there is a huge difference, and if you say the wrong thing for a consult, you could be in trouble as the rep will all in all, bring the incorrect instruments. A mic-key, is what I have in at the moment.

A PEG, is what is normally put in initially. It is the long peg with the tube attached. Usually what the surgeons first put into your stomach)

(My Gastric PEG)

                                               (My Mic-key)


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